BEOT D’OR, S.L. We are a family company specializing in earthworks, demolitions, construction, civil works, ditches and sale of construction materials.

With extensive experience in our field, we can offer our clients a complete and efficient team of highly qualified work, to respond to their demands with the quality they deserve.

Among our activities include: the construction of buildings, cleaning and leveling of gardens, implementation and / or adaptation of roads, leveling, embankments, etc.

Our company is totally involved with respect to the environment and the natural environment, so in our excavations and / or demolitions, we recycle the extracted materials for later use in the different phases of the work.

In our quarry, in addition to the extraction of various aggregates, we recycle excavation materials to offer a wide range of aggregates, plant lands, stones for construction (wall, linings, decoration), gravel for courtyards, gardens, roads, etc.

Our mobile equipment consists of mini excavators, mixed backhoes, rotating backhoes, a drilling machine and a crusher.